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Rounded Rectangle: Green Story <=> Increased Revenue
Green Story <=> Reduced Expenses
Green Story <=> Funding for Start-up


How can you make money, reduce expenses or get funding with your green story?

· Do you provide green products or green services?

· Are you doing something green at your company that you can brag about?

· Does your green product or service need funding?

3 different ways to get your green story out:

· If you are a company that provides green products or services, see Green Approach for Green Companies.

· If you are a company that provides traditional services or products, but don’t know how that applies to green, see Green Approach for non-Green Companies.

· If you are a start-up with great green ideas and need funding, see Green Approach for Cleantech Startups.

Why call it Storytelling?

Stories captivate and fascinate everyone. It's easy to remember a good story. The format is simple. A problem needs to be solved. A hero comes along to solve it, but it may require some adventure or cleverness to get there. In the end, the hero, your Cleantech company, saves the day.

With a storytelling technique, your company will be the hero for your investors and customers, new and old. Cleantech Storytelling takes your concept and tells a compelling story with your company as the obvious hero. Your story will be an engaging, subtle soft sell in the form of a powerful business document.

Other information to answer any of your questions on Cleantech Storytelling:

How a Green Story Gets Created details the process used to minimize your time in getting an engaging, easy-to-read, well organized green story.

Cleantech Storytelling Services outlines different mechanisms to tell your story and pricing.

Why Krishna Avva? gives you the intangibles and a little background on why I am the best person to tell your Cleantech story to get that much needed funding.

Take a look at some Samples in Storyteller format.

Testimonials tell you why my customers love my work.

Useful Links directs you to other sites with additional information and resources on Cleantech and Renewable Energy.

Contact the Cleantech Storyteller and start your story today.

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“Krishna is excellent at taking complicated concepts and putting them into general terms the public can understand. He has been instrumental in building our marketing materials.”

John Holstein

CEO at GeoSpatial Metrics

“Few have the ability to write copy for the technology space like Krishna. With crisp and direct language, Krishna consistently gives his clients the ability to touch, move and inspire their target market to buy. With Krishna on your team, what you have to offer will be crystal clear, and the benefits to your clients irrefutable. Your clients will discover a want they did not know they had, and they will see you as the indispensable and capable source to satisfy that want.”


Saurel Quettan, Managing Partner, LucQue Group, Inc

“Krishna supported the development of collateral for my team at Perot Systems. His work was accurate, basing his work on a detailed outline he supplied. His material was on target, on time and very useful. I look forward to using his abilities again.”


Eric Wortmann

“Krishna is a highly skilled project and business manager who continuously adds tremendous value to our organization. He embraces all challenges and works tirelessly to deliver solutions. The breadth and depth of his strengths make him a great addition to any organization.”


Wendy Lowenthal, Senior Director - Strategic Finance, Warranty Corporation of America (an Asurion Company)